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As a college baseball coach and native New Jerseyan, founder Brian Hirschberg knew a lot about trying to stay warm during cold weather games. In northern states, temperatures often stay well below 60 degrees until the end of April. In a start-and-stop sport like baseball, where on average there's 18 minutes of action in a 3-hour game, it can become very difficult to maintain warmth. Baseball pants don't offer much protection from the elements, so experimentation became part of his routine. 

He wore compression leggings like everyone else, but on days when the innings seem to drag on, it can get bitter cold really fast. It doesn't matter if you're the coach or the starting short stop. You can layer up in a jacket, sweatshirt, wool hat and gloves, but there's no getting around wearing baseball pants, leaving players and coaches with few options.

And baseball players care about how they wear the uniform. Baseball pants have become an expression of our on-field personality. The adage Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good has never been more apparent. And for good reason. Big league players are wearing custom fitted baseball pants tailored to their preferred style. The trickle down effect has started, but baseball pant manufacturers haven't fully adjusted. It's illustrated in the antiquated sizing and style methods.   

In 2017, Brian set out to solve both of those problems. He took raw materials (fabric, fleece, zipper, etc) to a seamstress, gave her a modern set of measurements, and had a custom pair of fleece lined baseball pants made. The result was extraordinary. They were warm, incredibly comfortable, and had the pro-style fit he wanted. Everyone who tried them on loved them, which got him there a market for a product like this?  

And that’s how KnockThermal was born.  

Since that first prototype, we've developed, game tested, tweaked, and game tested some more to ensure we're manufacturing the warmest, most comfortable, best fitting baseball pants without sacrificing your ability to perform at a high level. 

So go ahead, give our baseball pants a try. You can thank us later.