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Do you get cold shortly after the game starts? There's a reason. Compression and cold gear leggings serve as a great base layer if you're constantly active, like a on jog or playing soccer, but it's not a great insulating layer over extended periods of inactivity. In baseball, there is roughly 15 minutes of action in a 3-hour game. That's a lot of standing around.

Cold temps can cause muscles to contract, leading to injury and soreness. Our baseball pants have a built-in layering system that provides insulation, keeping warm air close to the body while blocking the wind from stealing your warmth. 

Every piece of clothing has a thermal resistance rating. The higher the rating, the warmer you can expect to stay. Our fleece was scientifically tested against a leading brand of cold wear leggings. The result? While everyone else is shivering, you'll think it's 72 and sunny.

The super soft Polartec® fleece adapts to your needs, releasing excess heat while wicking moisture away from the body.

The back pockets are lined with fleece to keep your fingers warm so you’re always ready to throw. Drop a hand warmer in for optimal comfort!