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Are the baseball pants heavy? Our baseball pants are 4 ounces heavier than the combined weight of regular baseball pants plus compression leggings of the same size. We researched and sampled countless fleece fabrics before selecting one that was lightweight and stretchable yet capable of providing necessary warmth.  

Are the baseball pants bulky? No. In fact, we challenge you to tell the difference between our Sub60° Series baseball pants and regular baseball pants.

Do you sell jerseys or full uniforms? No. We focus solely on baseball pants to provide you with the highest quality product. 

Can I wear compression leggings under the pants? Yes. A tight fitting compression pant makes a great base layer, but our baseball pants were designed so you don't have to. Only you can determine how much warmth you need.

How do I know which pant size to buy? Our baseball pants are designed to be selected by waist-size ranges. We provide traditional measurement labels for comparison (S, M, L, etc). If you are between sizes, we recommend bumping up a size.